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Working in dual gen development that shares common data between game titles, the need to shuffle artist changes between various branches and servers becomes a consistent requirement.  When files are not diverged, picklePlus allows you to streamline Perforce integrations easily, even when the artist has little to no knowledge of the appropriate steps to manage P4V integrations.  Simply let the application know which workspace you are wanting to pull a changelist from, select which workspace you want to push the changelist to, and let it rip!  View the source code here:


Speech Graphics (SGX) is a third party Maya plugin which allows animators to generate facial data from source .wav files.  In order to bring this to scale, I created SGX-Automate.  A scripted pipeline that wraps SGX tech, streamlining animation workflows and data management.  Simply point the pipeline to the directory containing the source dialogue .wav files, and execute.  During run process, all required batch files are created, validation checks are made, transcriptions are written of the spoken dialogue, and mayabatch.exe is spun-up under the hood using command line; allowing artists to not even have to open the SGX GUI or Maya editor!


Technical Art Automation (TAA) is a validation pipeline integrated with in Frostbite's environment which has the ability to verify a wide array of asset parameters to ensure proper settings and maintain overall stability.  With the large amount of development branches we operate in and across our multiple game titles, taaVscWorkspaceSetup.ps1 was created to set up artist's to use Visual Studio Code (VSC) working in the TAA domain.  Upon execution, simply select which workspace you would like to generate a TAA VSC workspace for and let the Powershell script install VSC, create your launch.json, .env, .code-workspace, and add required folder directories.

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